25 September 2016

Weekend warrior

These two weeks, since I returned from the business trip, I tired easily and had been going to bed early everyday.

Shortly after dinner and shower I would be sleepy, and so I didn't have time to spend with wifey to chat and just being with each other. I didn't have time to do stuff, personal time like writing a blog, checking Facebook, surfing the net, playing computer game, et cetera.

On most evening I didn't even turn on my computer. Da horror! >_<

Sleeping early and waking up early is probably a healthier lifestyle like old people, but it really leaves me no time for personal stuff, and that's like having no life at all!

Work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, and it's weekend...

So I have to cramp everything into the weekend, which is not my ideal lifestyle, I rather have a balanced work/life routine everyday.

I hope this is just a temporary thing, a lengthy time zone adjustment thing due to my age instead of a permanent thing, erm... due to my age. -_-

There gotta be some personal time everyday instead of just the weekend!

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24 September 2016


Recognition dinner yesterday evening.

It's good to be recognised, especially since I am the kind who like to resolve something before the impact is serious. You know, pre-emptively resolve issue before it becomes deep shit.

Unlike some colleagues who would leave issue until it's seriously messed up, until the management noticed it, so they can be the hero who saved the day. Gotta say they are the ones the management remembers, and so they are usually the ones being recognised.

Me? I consider myself successful if I resolved an issue before management even notices it. If I did my job well, there would be no issue that concerns the management. Of course, this has the downside of the management not knowing the effort and time I put in.

So yea, I don't get that many recognitions.

Anyway, recognition dinner yesterday at a fancy restaurant, I am glad I am remembered, since my part was done early in the project phase, and it has been smooth ever since. I guess I did a good job.

But I started to develop a headache just before I left for the dinner, I think it's due to tiredness. Wifey advised me to rest and not to go to the dinner, which I foolishly ignored.

When I reached the restaurant, it has become a splitting headache, plus I probably got motion sickness on the way to the restaurant. So I have lost all appetite.

A couple of satays, a few sushis, and some pieces of fruit. That's all I managed. None of the seafood, meat or any other goodies. And I threw up before I left, so I pretty much wasted everything.

As soon as I was back home I took a quick shower and hit the bed. Dead to the world until two in the morning when my hunger woke me.

Wifey is always right, should have listened to her.

Still, it's good to be recognised.

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18 September 2016














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14 September 2016

Return trip

Sunday, 11th September 2016

12:00 hours Arizona time (Monday, 12th September, 03:00 hours Malaysia time): checked out and left hotel, heading to airport

14:30 hours: checked in, had lunch, passed the security. Settled down to wait for the 17:00 hours flight to LA

16:10 hours: finished reading Quidditch through the Ages

18:12 hours: touched down LAX

18:55 hours: reached international departure terminal, LAX has craptastic signage. Cathay Pacific counter only resumes service at 19:30 hours, pfft...

19:37 hours: done check in, luggage drop, and passed security thanks to Cathay ground crew who started work early and a shorter queue for business class at security, else probably a 45 to 60 minutes process. Had dinner and settled down to wait for the midnight flight to Hong Kong

Monday, 12th September 2016

14:16 hours Arizona time (Tuesday, 13th September, 05:16 hours Malaysia time): landed Hong Kong

20:38 hours (11:38 hours Malaysia time): landed Penang

21:01 hours (12:01 hours Malayia time): passed immigration, collected luggage, passed custom

23:00 hours (14:00 hours Malaysia time): had lunch en route, reached home

Journey from Arizona hotel to home took 35 hours.

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11 September 2016

Lazy day

Woke up after six, latest yet since I got here, usually it's between four and five, when it's not two...

Figures, just before I am heading home I adjusted to the time zone so that I have to do it all over again.


Anyway, second day that I didn't have to work in this trip, so I slept in.

Went shopping on the previous free day, bought a pair of shoes but only found out yesterday evening when I started packing that the store didn't remove the magnetic tag.

So I went to the premium outlet again today to get it removed, and since I had nothing else to do, I went around a few shops to see if I can get anything else.

Nada. I guess I am just not the spontaneous shopping impulse buying type. Tried to get sports attire for wifey, gave up after doubting myself with whether the size will fit.

Oh well.

I spent the rest of the day catching up on sleep. Good hobby, sleeping. =P

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09 September 2016

Right versus wrong

Was talking to a friend about her situation, basically she's cleaning up shit but yet she was having fun.

She said it's because of the people.

I understand, and I said: "better to be in a bad situation with the right people than the other way round."

The Chinese saying to this effect, the one that I learned from the China's Running Man, is: "fear not the omnipotent God-like enemy, fear instead the pig-like teammate."

Yea, bad shit but with the right people, we can still overcome. While good situation but stuck with the wrong crowd is just bland and joyless.

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