18 November 2017

StarCraft II is now free to play!

Blizzard made StarCraft free to play a few months ago. Then a few days ago, they also made StarCraft II free to play!

Basically, the Wings of Liberty campaign, the first single player campaign of the StarCraft II saga, is now free, along with all of Starcraft II multiplayer, and some level restriction on Co-Op Commanders.

Not sure what that Co-Op Commanders is since I have never played it, but they do keep the three main characters of the saga completely free (without level restriction) so I guess player with free version will not be gimped.

You can read all the details in the article, and get the game there.

What are you waiting for?

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07 November 2017










我知道啦老天爷,四十岁还那么多梦想和心愿不能圆,是有点惨啦… 但是齁,人生总是有无奈和遗憾的喽…


唉… 是啦是啦老天爷,您哭跟我一点关系都没有。但请您就不要再哭了啦,到处都水灾了嘞,很惨的啊!

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04 November 2017

A decade of scribbling

Happy 10th birthday Scribble Pad!

Important milestone.

At least there is something to show for my persistency, consistency and discipline.

As per custom, here's the number of viewers based on the counter. The one for 2017 is as of 18:37 hours.

2008: 4746
2009: 13300
2010: 23226
2011: 31677
2012: 37412
2013: 42469
2014: 46926
2015: 50532
2016: 53716
2017: 56798

Not going to write much as I am sick, gotta rest more.

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you get something out of it.

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31 October 2017














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28 October 2017

The need for speed

Saw a colleague friend posted on Facebook the abysmal internet connection he is having these few days. He posted a speed test that is in the sub 1 Mbps region both upload and download.

Well, he is with that craptastic service provider that would probably be out of business if everything was fair and square.

But things are not fair and square in this country, so many have to endure the craptastic service provider for the lack of alternative.

I am lucky that I got out of that crap when another service provider with better option decided to install their fibre optic line in my apartment. I switched without second thought.

Sometime last year, my service provider upgraded my 8 Mbps line to a 100 Mbps line at no additional cost. Yup, you read that right.

I had no complaint with a 8 Mbps line, so a 100 Mbps line is just icing on the cake.

Anyway, out of curiosity I did a speed test to check out my internet connection just now, using speedtest.net.

all is well and good

I can only say that I have never looked back since I switched service provider. It's a no brainer.

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26 October 2017






没有特地写给什么人看,但也不在乎和别人分享,愿者上钩,呵呵! =P

或许可以让看的人笑笑娱乐一下,能让别人欢乐是好事来的。 =)


那就更好,更有意义的贡献。 =D


讲到好像真的会启发别人那样,真的是自己讲自己爽,哈哈! =P

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22 October 2017

Don't feed the trolls

My first encounter of internet troll was around twenty years ago, when I started frequenting gaming fora. It's also from these fora that I learned how to handle these trolls: don't feed them.

There will always be weird people who derives pleasure from causing discomfort or negative emotional response from others. Damn sadist.

Trolls are attention seekers, craving responses, any reply to them is like fuel that keeps them going.

The best way to handle these trolls is to ignore them. Don't reply, just disregard anything they said or posted. Hence the phrase: "don't feed the trolls", i.e. responding to them is feeding them more fuel, so don't.

Initially I thought that the spammer in my instant messaging group is just that, a spammer who doesn't care whether others are interested or not, whether the subject is appropriate or not, and force whatever he fancies down the others' throat in the false pretense that it's "sharing".

Oh, and that he cannot handle paragraph, so he can only post in short, fragmented sentences. Several messages that could be done in one.

It's only when another friend suggested that he should create another group with the number two spammer (he actually posted a spammer championship with all the data of how much he spammed...) so they can spam all they like without affecting the rest of us, where he responded that it's not fun if his spam doesn't make others angry that I realised he is actually a troll.

Wow, I actually know someone in person who's an internet/chat group troll. Achievement unlocked! =P

I have pretty much just directly deleted all the spam they generated anyway, now I have to remind myself not to give any response, and hopefully the others will do the same.

But there always seems to be someone who will feed the trolls though, bollocks.

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